Enjoying Cairns City: It displays its colours but only at Night

Touring the city where I live by night

I often think that the night is more alive richly coloured than the day

By i.c Golina

It was unusual for me to be home early from work on Friday and decided to dine out early about 6pm breaking my tradition of 9-10pm dinner time. It is not a norm for me to have my dinner early. I usually have meals very late at night and at odd times which I am accustomed to. It was warm September evening and I could feel the warm breeze flooding the whole entire surroundings which made it uneasy for me to relax. I decided to have a swim in the pool to cool off before I could get relaxed and watch a DVD titled “The Help” that I recently bought. I watched this DVD before on an on-flight entertainment with American Airlines from Dallas to London. It was a very good movie and I promised to myself that when I get back home to Cairns, I was going to purchase one of this DVD for my collection. The movie is based on a true story about the treatment of coloured people in America – mainly on racial and segregation and funny at times. It is a very touching and emotional movie. I must admit, I couldn’t stop crying and I still do whenever I watch this DVD.

With this feeling of uncomfortable breeze around me and my dog Mindi panting and jumping on me to catch her attention, I changed my mind on watching this movie. So I decided to pack up camera and took Mindi on a night out to this beautiful city where I live. I thought to myself, I am going to have a #Tour-of-Cairns-by-Night# – Self-Drive tour. It was a brilliant idea and a great opportunity for me to take some night scene photography which I ever done before.

Caravonica area

Many times, we don’t explore the area that we live in by night or even day time. We tend to look abroad and beyond the paradise that is right under our door-step which we take for granted. Considering the paradise we live in, there is a big contrast between day and night scenes of the city. I was so amaze how the place emerges out of the night time to displays its array of colours, lightings in all different shapes and sizes like a peacock that spreads it feathers and displaying its colourful patterns and shapes. Some of the buildings, streets, places and even suburbs just become unrecognisable in front of us as you explore the city from day to night time. Sightseeing the city at night time is more alive with rich colours than day time.

View of Cairns Pier

After living in this beautiful part of the world for 28 years, it is time for me to take my readers or followers down the laneway that is worth having a look. It provides you with a different perspective, how this city of Cairns is really looks like by night.

View of Cairns Aquarium
Mall on Lake Street
Sea Shells on Lake Street
Cairns Pool area
Footpath at the edge of the pool
Seats not far from Mondo’s restaurant
Day cruise boats stationed at night
Chinese garden at the Lakes
Trinity Wharf
Northern part of Esplanade

 For anyone wishing to do a night tour of Cairns and its’ surrounding, it is worth having a look at the Cairns travel guide website and all the information should be available there. However, for those travellers who are unable to find any information that suits your travel needs locally, I strongly advise you to contact us through this website and we will be able to help you out with your travel needs by the locals or even take you on the night tour personally.

From a personal perspective: When and wherever you travel, be very thoughtful and travel wisely. Don’t expect everything to be like at home and be very broad in your thinking and in that way, it broadens your knowledge and see things from different aspective. Wherever, I travel, I like to blend myself with the locals and only locals can provide a genuine knowledge of the local area.

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