Luncheon above the Tree-Tops at Thala Lodge

Tasting the best Tree-Top menu

An eco-friendly destination with a mouth-watering menu

Tucked away on a secluded headland among the coconut palm and eucalyptus trees on a private nature reserve that over-looks the Great Barrier Reef is the Thala Lodge, the only luxury accommodation between Cairns and Port Douglas. Famously renowned for its eco-friendly resort, Thala Lodge is the place where you can still taste and feel the real magnetic connection between nature and human. This place is just magical and it is also a great venue for luncheon and dinner. Guests enjoy their luxurious getaway but visitors are welcomed to enjoy all its facilities – a must see place for any travellers. 

Main Foyer over-looking Great Barrier Reef

Where’s the place?

Thala Lodge, an eco-friendly resort within the Thala Beach Nature Reserve is located on a privately owned reserve. This resort is located between Cairns and Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, approximately 15 minutes south of Port Douglas and 45 minutes drive from Cairns. 

The Osprey Restaurant is open-sided with all panoramic views over looking the forest canopy and beyond the Coral Sea. The views are incredibly beautiful. Guests and visitors are welcomed by the birds surrounding the tree-tops while enjoying your Australian style cuisine.

Osprey restaurant

Getting there?

Come lunch time, my mind starts drifting to Thala Lodge and its mouth-watering lunch menu. This restaurant is one of the finest venue along the coast from Cairns to Port Douglas. The restaurant believes in showcasing local ingredients and as a wide selection to suit all. In fact, while waiting for your meal, you can simply sit back and enjoy the views as you watch the reef and rainforest above the tree-tops. This restaurant is worth revisiting time and time again. 

Been coming to this restaurant for luncheon on numerous times, it always been absolutely beautiful. Trust me, it is worth it. I may be biased but I am not alone in saying how good this restaurant is. This time, having lunch with friends at this restaurant and proving to them that there is not better way to start the day than with luncheon at Thala Lodges Osprey restaurant.

Getting to Thala Lodge from Cairns is a spectacular 45 minutes drive along the Captain Cook Highway, also known as the Great Tropical Drive. Driving along this scenic coastline is absolutely breathtaking. The best time to go for drive in this scenic road is early morning or just before 12 noon as the sun is still making its way to the east. Go earlier to capture the sunrise as it creates a picture perfect with its glittering arrays of colors that spread across the sea, mountains, beaches and coastline. A gem for keen photography. Taking a drive along this road is fairly straightforward but be wary of windy and narrow sections and more importantly be aware of mad locals who drive much faster than tourists.

View of sunrise on the way to Port Douglas
View of the scenic coastline to Port Douglas

As we were enjoying the spectacular scenery along the way, we didn’t realise we were making our way into the entrance of the Thala lodge hotel. You drive through a completely organic 650 coconut palm tree plantation is home to a unique coconut odyssey. This is definitely just the beginning of what we are expected of nature around us. It is a “must- see” for anyone wanting to experience the tranquility of the environment on an idyllic setting that looks beyond Coral Sea.

It wasn’t long, we were all enjoying our various selection of wines and champagnes, considering our delicious and healthy meals in front of us. Many dishes had variety of components – all made in-house. They were all colourful and very tasty as well as enjoying the views of Coral Sea and the back-drop of MacAlister range creating a pristine environment. It was amazingly very relaxing and enjoying the company. What a place, what a thrill to be at this place that you can’t experience anywhere in Far North.

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Exploring the area

To make most of the place, I’d recommend taking a walk down to the private beach. This beach is secluded, private and away from everyone. It is an ideal introduction to the area. For those who want to explore further, the township of Port Douglas is just 15 minutes drive north of Thala Lodge.



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