Living the Life in Australia. What a Life!!

A Better, Free Life in Australia

Australia, home to world famous iconic man-made buildings, the Opera house and the Sydney Harbour bridge is one of the best and most liveable country in the world by international comparisons of wealth, education, health and quality of life. 

Yes, when I first set foot on Australian soil with family almost 30 years ago in the city of Cairns, it turned out to be a life-changing life for me. This friendly, small-city vibe, climate and natural beauty surrounding won us over other cities in Australia. “I just love it here”. Even though, it is a very busy touristy city here, it is still very friendly and everything I need or wanted to see or do is within reach: the reef and the rainforest, day trips to various reefs, fishing and camping. There is plenty of it. 

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Ellis beach, Cairns region

Right on the door-step of the city of Cairns is home to one of the last of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is located along the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia and stretches about 2,600 kilometres. It is the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem composed of almost 3,000 individual reefs. It is one of the most visited place in Australia by tourists throughout the world. This city is a real beauty for anyone to come and enjoy the World Heritage rainforest, outback and its sparkling clear ocean on the outer reefs.

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Part of Great Barrier reef. View from the helicopter

After living here for almost 3 decades, I must admit, I know a lot more about my own city both within and outside of my home and life in Cairns. Cairns is a small regional city but diverse city with many different sea-side and outback towns and culture. Many immigrants from around the world can be witnessed living here: Chinese, Philippines, Africans, Laos, Papua New Guineans and many more. Believe it or not, Cairns has the largest Papua New Guinean population outside Papua New Guinea. 

Face of Papua New Guineans in Cairns

Cairns city has been and will always be a special place in my life. Ever since I moved here, I would pack up our outback 4-wheel drive and drive north or west with family depending on what we wanted to do and see. We would spend few days enjoy the camping, fishing and hiking some of the best trails in Far North Queensland. 

View from Daintree Lookout, Cape Tribulation

To me, one of the best part of living here in Australia, especially Cairns is being free from all the crime and layers of restrictions or freedom that make life so confining and sterile back home. We had to live in a gated compound with 24 hour security and wherever I went both day and night time I never had the chance of freedom to be more relaxed. Life here in Australia is where I can breathe freely and live a better life.

From a personal perspective: As we travel we tend to see and witness the harsh environment that some people live. However, if you live and experience the struggle and the standard of living, you can certainly feel the hunger for freedom and relaxation. I certainly found myself in that situation. As we continue to travel, we open our mind and understanding of the realities that surrounds us.

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