Endless Fun of Activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

A city that is packed with legends, full of energy and a loads of fun activities to do

Los Angeles in Brief

Los Angeles, the second-largest city in USA is situated in Southern California on the West Coast of USA is home to Hollywood and celebrities. From the dry hills of Santa Monica to the Pacific Ocean, this city is surrounded by mountains and valleys is home to over 17 million people. The city of Los Angeles or initial L.A is known or regarded as the entertainment capital of the world and for good reason. Many television shows, movies and music are produced here in this city of Angels and are enjoyed all over the world. With the city’s world-class show-business history and the chance to rub shoulders with a celebrity (if your lucky) draws millions of visitors to city. It has also made the city a magnet to dreamers – where many come in hope to find rich and fame and many others have their dreams become reality. 

After a long flight from Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles (L.A), I needed at least two-days to recover from jet-lag. I spend most of the day relaxing in my hotel room, barely going out of the complex, except for relaxing by the poolside which I found it very energising. Staying right in the heart of Anaheim with a short distance away from major attractions was a good start to my vacation.

Los Angeles is a city where tourists always find something exciting going on every day from movie sets to concerts and live performing art productions. With its beautiful beaches, theme parks, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, sport stadiums, world-class museums, shopping malls, nature parks and hiking trails and all year-round sunny weather are also big attractions. There is plenty to love about the tourists attractions in Los Angeles and there is never a shortage of fun and adventure or even outdoor enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either. This city has it all and is endless. 

With all its fun and adventure and anyone familiar with the city of Los Angeles, knows that just taking a drive through the area is mad chaotic than anyone could ever imagine. Loops, circuits, zig zags and overhead roads makes it one of the busiest road on the land. Being the city that is USA’s main entry point to America is not only is the busiest road but makes it one of the most busiest airport in the world. Los Angeles is the largest and most populous city in the state of California and the cultural, financial and commercial centre of Southern California. Nicknamed the “City of Angels” partly because of its name’s Spanish meaning. This mega city is known for its mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity and sprawling metropolis.

What to see and do

The next day, it was time to get into the city that mixes up glamour, grit and the American Dream: Los Angeles, know as the city of Angels is packed with legends, full of energy and there are loads of things to do. I headed to mythical Hollywood and walked across the holy ground for stars. I checked out the Kodak Theatre, where the Oscars are held every year and Mann’s Chinese Theatre, where so many greats have pressed their hands into the cement. I cruised down the hottest shopping street in LA, Melrose Avenue, and one of the best areas for nightlife, the Strip (Sunset Boulevard), with its billboards, clubs and eateries, before getting a glimpse at one of the world’s wealthiest suburbs in Beverly Hills. A little further west, I had time to discover Santa Monica, LA’s oldest beach resort. Known for its liberal vibes, art galleries and wide sand beaches, Santa Monica is all about the California coast lifestyle. See the famous pier, which serves as a permanent amusement park, complete with a solar powered Ferris wheel. Later, I travelled out to LA’s quirkiest suburb where anything goes: Venice Beach. A favourite hang out spot for locals, colourful Venice Beach attracts all sorts of people. Get a feel for street life when you hit the buzzing broadwalk, where performers, tattoo artists, hair braiders, musicians and roller bladders gather. I made sure to check out the markets and stalls, as well as the greased-up body builders pumping iron at the famous open air gym, Muscle Beach.

With all that, my endless fun of activities in Los Angeles began and end with the unique culture of the city and county. Once more, I packed my backpack and grabbed my camera, using Los Angeles travel guide to make my way around this city with endless entertainment. Apart from shopping and other adventures I have done, to me, Los Angeles sightseeing is not complete without a stop at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Disneyland. Here, I get to see the hand-prints of my favourite celebrities and meet all my favourite famous Disneyland characters like Mickey-Mouse and more.

My Highlights

Santa Monica Pier

This bustling wooden wharf is the place to be, with its eateries, shops, high-tech arcade, roller coaster, giant Ferris wheel and other rides, famous 1922 indoor merry-go-round and fantastic views of the bay and the mountains. It was a little wet the day when I was there but I get to enjoy what I wanted to see and do.


This place is where imagination is the destination. For young and old, big and small, it is the happiest place on earth! I came to build memories that was to last a lifetime as I discover the wonder of this magical, fantastical world. When I entered the lands that comprise Disneyland Park, stories came to life around me, immersing myself in tales from some of my favorite Disney films. It is just magical.


A boulevard where the stars of Hollywood are immortalized with bronze star-plaques, embedded in pink and charcoal terrazzo squares. This place undoubtedly conjures up images of movie stars and high-end lifestyles, and to this day, tourists flock here from around the world to see the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre and to catch a glimpse of the famed Hollywood sign up close. Celebrity impersonators and crowds give these areas the feeling of an amusement park while many clubs and hotels fill up around the weekends for late-night partying – the Hollywood club scene is a haven for thumping music and table-side bottle service. But parties aren’t the only way to enjoy this area, many visitors come to the neighborhood to sit back with a picnic to watch a performance at the Hollywood Bowl and those looking to stay fit trek along nature trails in the Hollywood hills and in Griffith Park.

Venice Beach

Venice has always danced to its own beat as the epicenter of bohemian culture in Los Angeles. Along the boardwalk there are street performers and local craftsmen selling their wares. Original paintings, souvenirs, and jewelry are on display. Crowds of visitors marvel at the sites while weightlifting enthusiasts pump iron in plain view, and skateboarders do their tricks around the skate park. All of it happens under the warm California sun with sprawling views of sand and sea. Heading east, the main drags of Abbot Kinney Boulevard and Main Street are lined with boutique shops, some major retail stores, art galleries and restaurants. Here the ambiance is more relaxed and upscale than the frenetic boardwalk area. Venice is a mostly walkable (and certainly bikeable) neighborhood, full of areas to explore. I still found that, there are still a lot of homeless, druggies and ill-mental people roaming around the place.

The city of Los Angeles has lots of places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences that define Los Angeles. Beaches, palm trees, and A-list glamour. It is all part of LA’s myth and magic. I still haven’t got time to see it all, even though I have visited this great city a number of times. LA certainly never disappoint me.


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