Escaping city to Atherton Tablelands Market

Atherton Market Glory

Atherton township is one of the most visited place in Tablelands. With surrounded by lavish vegetation makes it the food bowl of Far North Queensland  

Atherton, the heart of Tablelands and the surrounding areas

The township of Atherton located in topical highlands of north Queensland is about 90 kilometres south-west of Cairns.. The Atherton Tablelands region with, rich volcanic soil that meets the lush rainforest provides a very fertile land for agriculture and dairy farming.. The regions rich, diverse flora and fauna only found in this part of Australia makes it a fastest growing town in Atherton Tablelands and the gateway to the outback. With lush tropical landscapes at your door-step and laid-back lifestyle makes Atherton a lively town with welcoming people. The best thing about this place once you enter the area is the captivating lifestyle, absorbing history, colourful markets, picturesque tropical landscapes and lush mountain views. This idyllic and dynamic township of. Atherton Tablelands is exceptionally popular with retirees looking for a more layback, quiet, cooler and enriching lifestyle. It also lends itself to ease of travel to any of the wonderful tourist attractions within short distance scenic drives. It is very popular among self-drive visitors to the area.

Atherton lookout: View of farmlands

Atherton Tablelands, known as the food bowl of Cairns Tropical North Queensland has abundance of fruits and vegetables that are locally grown in the region. T.he local markets in this beautiful town of Atherton, have just about every vegetable or herb that you could want. With its rich, fertile soil, the area is home to many exotic fruits, nuts and vegetables. It has the abundance of fresh and locally produced vegetables which are so fresh from the farm lands. It is no wonder that there is a great number of food and wine festivals and tours that are very popular among locals and visitors to the region. 

Vegetables and fruits
Fruits (pineapple and pawpaws)

One of my favourite past-time in re-visiting the Atherton Tablelands is the local markets. Yes, if you love markets, you’re in luck!. Atherton Tablelands have markets on every week – some during the week and others over the weekend. You will find eclectic arts, crafts and the freshest produce right from the local area. To see which town host the weekend market where you’re here, the latest What’s on Guide has a market listing from Mission beach to Cooktown. So why not grab a basket, meet the locals and experience the tropical lifestyle. There is always something exciting and never get bored each time I visit the Tablelands. One of my favourite markets in Tablelands is the Tolga market held first Sunday of each month just 3 kilometres from Atherton township.. Tolga market is very popular among locals around Tablelands region and day visitors from Mossman-Port Douglas to Cairns and south to Innisfail. This market has the largest outdoor market in Atherton Tablelands and the whole outdoor area is lined with stalls from fruits and vegetables to hand-made arts and crafts to exotic tropical plants. One of the best thing about why I enjoy this market so much is the abundance of locally produced vegetables that are displayed right here from nearby farmlands. The taste of each exotic fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts are endless as well as locally grown coffee. Every vegetables and fruits sold here are fresh and most of them are organically grown. Yes, there is always a bargaining when it comes to buying anything but most of them are reasonably priced and you will walk away happy without having any second thought on being ripped off

Local Markets

If your not busy indulging yourself among many of the endless line of fruit and vegetable stalls, you may want to relax with a cup of locally produced coffee while entertained by local buskers who are there to showcase their skills in entertaining their visitors to the region. Every time, I visit the area, there is plenty of activities for any market goers and am always sure that I won’t be disappointed and leave the region satisfied. On many occasions, I tend to forget where I am and just let the day take care of itself.

Local buskers

There is so much more to Atherton than just gastronomic delights. One of the most interesting things that always amazes me every time I visit the Atherton Tablelands region is the surrounding areas. The region has the incredible diversity of the area – from rolling green hills to arid landscape, waterfalls, craters and popular recreational lakes. and hiking trails. This means that the day trip to the area from Cairns, Port Douglas and Innisfail is going to be a very busy one.

To fully feel this beautiful part of the countryside, you really need to stay a couple of nights or more to really explore the vast region properly. Whether you plan to stay in motels in Atherton township or charming cottages in Yungaburra, about 10 minutes drive out of Atherton or even camping at Lake Tinaroo or Yungaburra-Lake Tinaroo camping grounds, there is plenty of accommodations to suit your budget.

Some of my favourite places that I re-visit time and time again and I highly recommend visitors to the region to see are:

1. Waterfalls: Malanda Waterfalls, MillaMilla Waterfalls

2. Dam: Tinaroo dam

3. Recreational areas: Tinaroo and Yungaburra recreational areas by the lakeside

4. Herberton Historical Village

5. Hasting Swamp – Bird watchers paradise, just outside Atherton township

6. Curtain Fig Tree at Yungaburra

7. Lakes: Lake Tinaroo, Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham

8. Gallos Cheese Factory – Located between Malanda and Atherton

9. Lookouts: MillaMilla Lookout, Atherton township Lookout and Gillies Lookout

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