A city of stunning coastline and beaches


Newcastle in Brief

The city of Newcastle, located 160 kilometres north-northeast of Sydney is the second largest city in New South Wales. This city has come a long way since its coal industry beginnings. Newcastle’s transformation began when the steel mills closed in the late 1990s and the city’s surf culture came to the fore. Today, with its gentrified harbour and beautiful beaches, it is no surprise that most activities in Newcastle centre on the water. A trek along a narrow longshore drift to the landmark Nobby’s Lighthouse offers expansive views of the sea. The city is also home to the Mereweather Baths, advertised as the largest ocean-water swimming pools in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why Go?

It has been 15-years ago that I only drove through Newcastle city on of my anticipated road trip from Sydney to Cairns. I loved the place and always had the desire to return to explore more of the city. This city is one of those talked about and a place that a true traveler must visit and explore. The more I read and learned about this incredible city, the more I wanted to go and see it for myself.

After deciding on my vacation plan to Newcastle, I left Cairns on Qantas flight to Williamstown, not far from Maitland via Brisbane where I was greeted by my friend and called Maitland for the whole duration of my 14-days vacation with my friend. With visits to Newcastle city and Hunter Valley vineyards was on my agenda. I was also quite interested in checking out coastal towns north of Sydney.

What to see and do?

Newcastle city, nestled on the beautiful, sun-drenched eastern coastline of New South Wales is about 2-hours north of Sydney. The city is surrounded by golden sand beaches, a breathtaking coastlines and a beautiful working harbour. Newcastle is the predominate city within the Hunter Region and a vibrant city bursting with things to do and see, places to stay and fun to be had. The city’s cafe, restaurants and bars, unique architecture and rich history stretch from the city to the suburbs makes it one of the most exciting city to visit.

I’ve visited many coastal cities before, yet I knew, it was nothing in comparison with the breathtaking and stunning views of Newcastle city and its coastline. Yes, with beautiful beaches and stunning coastlines, Newcastel boasts one of the most scenic coastline in the world. The more I visit, its spectacular beaches and coastal scenery, ocean baths and some of the country’s best surfing spots were only just the start. The city has musems and art galleries, rich history and architecture to keep the most ardent culture vultures intrigued to on-trend designer shops and artisan markets. The city certainly lets its visitors to this city knowing that they entering some place special from the moment of arrival.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 12.18.27 am

Newcastle Harbour

My first agenda on what to see on my first day visit to Newcastle was the harbour. Newcastle city, since, it had the first commercial shipment in 1799, the Port of Newcastle has grown to become Australia’s third-largest port by volume. Also, the city of Newcaslte is famous for its coal and has the largest coal exporting harbour in the world. Port of Newcastle’s cruise berth is located within a five minute drive of Newcastle’s CBD. While visiting the area, it was a great opportunity to view the Port, the beautiful working harbour and there was no better place for me to come and see the mega container ships and the mega cruise liners.



View of the City

Most of the cities are all about tall buildings competing for each other within the CBD. The city of Newcastle is one of a kind that is eye-catching. To catch a stunning glimpse of Newcastle city’s CBD frontshore, we drove to the opposite side of the city just before we entered the CBD area. The view across to the city showcase some of the unique architecture, character, colours and shapes. It was totally mesmerizing and just incredible. The view almost gives you a perfect picture of a painters art of work.


Newcastle city

Christ Church Cathedral

From the stunning view of the CBD, we headed right into the city, having a closer look at some of this amazing buildings. The city’s architectural gems are nothing short of astonishing. One of the city’s landmark building located in the heart of the city’s CBD area is The Cathedral Church of Christ the King, also called Christ Church Cathedral. It is located on a hill with a steep climb. Once you get there, it is so peaceful and the design and interior of the building is just incredible and marvelous to look at. The building desinged by John Horbury Hunt in the Gothic Revival style, is located on a hill at the city’s eastern end in the suburb called The Hill.


Nobbys Lighthouse

One of landmarks that is highly visible as you enter Newcastle city is the Nobbys Lighthouse. It sits high on Nobbys Headland guarding the entrance to the Newcastle Harbour. The site is an iconic landmark at well-loved location in Newcastle and surprisingly, this lighthouse has been active for over 150 years and continues to safely direct ships in and out of Newcastle harbour. It was time to get on my runners and took a 800 metre walk to the lighthouse. It has a steep climb but once I reach the top, I was rewarded with the most beautiful 360 degree view of the area.  


Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 12.45.37 am


Newcastle Memorial Walk

You can’t leave Newcastle without visiting the city’s coastline. This was one of my favourite place in the city of Newcastle. Just taking a stroll along the beachfront while enjoying some of the fine-dining places right on the edge of the water with the 360′ view of the coastline. There is one place that I cannot leave Newcastle city without setting my foot on is the Newcastle Memorial Walk which was constructed to commemorate the centenary of ANZAC. With its striking 360′ view of the city and coast, provides a spectacular connection to Newcastle’s Bathers Way. The views from this jaw-dropping cliffs, coastline and the city as you walk along this cliff top stairway is incredibly breathtaking.


Sun, Sea, Sand and Surf

Since Newcastle is perched at the water’s edge, every beach around the area is waiting for surgers and sandcastles, sunrise photography and sunset picnics. It is not surprise that from dawn onwards, visitors are expect to see surfers riding the waves and early risers doing their morning laps in the ocean baths. With six beautiful beaches, two ocean baths and the Bogey Hole to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to jumping in, getting wet and cooling off.

I found Newcastle to be a perfect destination to spend for my entire vacation in the area with plenty of things to see and do. There was an abundance of sights and attractions to enjoy within a short drive from the city. Day trips from Newcastle offer visitors the chance to sample the best of Australia, from lush green parks and vineyards to wide stretches of sun-kissed sand.


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