Undara’s Geological Phenomenon

Undara Lave Tube Experience

Since, the city of Cairns officially openned its doors for international flights in early 1980s, it has been a thriving city and conitnues even today.With so many visitors flooding the region every year, many come to simply to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in this tropical paradise destination and also to experience the natural beauty: the reef and the rainforest. While others, come to experience the outback for its lifestyle and unique attractions. Living in this far nothern part of Australia, you virtually get to experience these natural beauties – the reef, rainforest and the outback on a same day without travelling a far.

The Cairns region has all its natural wonder attractions within short drive away. A self-drive road trip to Undara lava tubes is a journey that will take through the outback that definitely shows what lifestyle is like in the outback that not many travellers get to experience. Here you escape to experience the natural wonders of lava tubes in the outback and away from the natural wonders of lush greenery and crystal clear blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Why Go?

Undara, a tiny place located out in the Outback, west of Cairns has the Undara Lave Tubes. It is one of the places that I wanted to explore.

This natural geological wonders are so fascinating  and impressive to see and Undara is the place to visit and understand its origins. Curious of exploring certain desinations or places have always been my exciting part of travel. It gives me an opportunity a challenge to explore its sites, attractions and what to see and do. Undara is one place that is filled with such variety of opportunities and challenges to explore.

The thought of Outback Undara Lava Tubes and just under 4 hours drive away from Cairns city makes it thrilling and is one place that cannot be missed on any travellers itinearary to the far north. The Undara lava tubes has been on my list of places to explore for a very long time. Lava Tubes has always fascinated me. Studies conducted confirmed that Undara Lava Tubes are the oldest on earth and are a world class natural geological phenomenon. Huge tubes formed approximately 190,000 years ago. The molten lava drianed out under a thick cooler crust, leaving a series of long, hollow tubes. This has prompt me to go and see the place for myself. Undara is truly different in every sense.

Getting there?

If you’re the kind of adventure traveller who finds remote regions of Australia alluring, then this scenic road trip from coastal city of Cairns to outback Undara Lava Tubes is for you. It is a great short adventure trip and I found this road trip to be the most scenic way to get myself from Cairns to Undara. Better than that, it turns Undara into a journey, not just a destination. Taking this such adventure road trip to Undara lava tubes has brought me back in time and to understand this natural geological phenomenon which has occured over the years. This was going to be a weekend away for nature, beauty and exploration in the outback. It is a great time to getaway from the city to the outback for relaxation, away from the rest of the world.

After my beautiful drive through Far Northern Queensland regions most exciting drive routes – bring together a world of crater lakes, pioneer history, waterfalls, flora and fauna and mind-blowing views, sunsets and sunrise, I headed to the tiny Outback area of Undara to spent two nights there to go on Lava Tubes tour. 

Along the way to Undara, I stopped to see the unusual Curtain Fig Tree, Milla-Milla and Millstream Waterfalls, both very impressive and captivating.

Curtain Fig Tree

Milla-Milla Falls

Millstream Falls

Travelling by conventional vehicle across semi-dried landscapes and tropical savannah took an easy breezy sealed roads without venturing into the dry,dusty and rough tracks and back roads. The bituman road to Undara seems like endless highway but discovering this ancient land at my own pace made this road journey even more interesting.

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Finally, arriving in Undara, in the early afternoon with few hours left to unpack and unwind before dark and in time to make my way to gather around the bond-fire under the stars while enjoying a drink.

Undara is one of the most idyllic Outback place I’ve ever seen as it is surrounded by a vast area of Savannah land with the magnificent view of the area in nearly every direction as far as your eye can see. Nestled in the outskirts of private land and in the middle of nowhere makes it a perfect place to linger and spend a day or two soaking in its beauty and remoteness under the stars. This tiny place in the middle of nowhere in the outback took me back in time where my communication accessories were packed-away, except my camera.

The following day, it was time to go on an informative tour and visit one of this natural wonders – lava tubes. The formation of these lava tubes are a world class natural geological phenomenon and are the oldest on planet Earth. According to the history and studies conducted found that these huge tubes formed approximately 190,00 years ago, which molten lava have drained out under a thick cooler crust, leaving a series of long and hollow tubes.

Many years ago, these lava tubes lay undiscovered, untouched and unseen. But today, since their discovery, Undara’s highly trained and qualified Savannah Guides conduct small informative guided tours that will take you into the heart of the lava tubes. Once we entered the lava tubes, we were able to marvel at this incredible geological wonder. Seeing this natural creation and formation of these lava tubes kept my head shaking. It truly took me back in time what it was like then. This Undara experience is a one-time experience that I have come to profoundly understand its origins and at the same to experience the tranquility lifestyle of the outback.

Where to stay?

There are various types of accommodations in the area to suit all styles and budget ranging from old railway carriages, custom design huts, Swag Tents and camping grounds. For me to experience Undara in style, I stayed in one of the restored turn-of-the-century railway carriages which Undara offers. Staying in one of this old carriages turned into a comfortable stylist accommodation gave me an ultimate Undara Experience that I have come to enjoy.

If you go, click the link below for accommodation options:


My Highlights

To come to an outback area like Undara, located in the middle of nowhere is only for one thing and that is to experience Undara Lava Tubes.  I have learnt so much about the lava tubes and walked away satisfied with my road trip.


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