It’s time to feel the heart of Australia

The day everyone will never forget. It was March 13, 2020 when before life as we known it had dramatically changed over night. The instant shutdown of our city, our state, our country and the world began shortly to find solution to the mysterious venomous attack of the Covid-19 that struck Australia and many countries throughout the world like in a dry forest burning in New South Wales before the coronavirus pandemic.

Not even a single person in the world would have predicted or anticipated such a detrimental life changing for us that would take place and change the whole world and our travel plans. After many cancellations of travel plans and shut down on work places, we have completely rearranged our lives instantly and settle into the new “normal”. A life of social-distancing, working at home, wearing a mask when out in public, not traveling, constant use of sanitise and not doing anything much outside, except our daily tasks inside and backyard of our homes. As we wondered when on earth our lives will ever be the same again. It was very devastating, unpredictable and uncertain on so many levels that was hard to explain but at times, we just needed to get out and about.

After many long and challening months of fear, anxiety, isolation and sadness, it was time to break free and leave home. I decided to have a road trip weekend getaway to Townsville, my first trip outside Cairns region to Townsville region which is 4 hours drive away. Yes, it was time for a change in scenery and ease of mental, physical and emotional break-down.

After easing of travel restrictions within the state, I decided to drive down to Townsville and stay there for few days. I have traveled to Townsville many times before and wanted to go to a place that I was familiar with and knowing where to stay and what to see and do. Townsville is a bigger city but I wasn’t worried or concern about catching the Covid-19 as it wasn’t a hot spot and does not have an international airport where many travelers can sneak in. It was totally closed to many other states in the country and I was not worried about catching the virus in the hotel I was staying located right in the city centre.

As I left Cairns city just before 7:30am, I slowly headed south of the city and I could feel the relaxtion. For a person that loves to travel, this was my first time I had left 60 kilometres radius of my house in the city in over seven months. I was excited and looked forward to my drive to Townsville. It was time to getaway and feel the heart of Australia. From the tropical rainforest and natural wonders of Cairns – the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef to the spectacular, World Heritage-Listed national parks and bustling urban centre of Townsville. This was my chance to explore the stunning landscapes and extraordinary beauty of North Queensland in the comfort of my car.

On my journey from Cairns to Townsville, I did not stop at some of the “must-see” North Queensland attractions, including Babinda Boulders, vibrant Innisfail, home to some of the most impressive art deco buildings in Australia, romantic beachside town of Mission Beach or Cardwell, an impressive beachside town with impressive spa rock pools. I had a quick stop in quirky town of Ingham before continuing to Townsville.

With so much to see and do in this fascinating part of the world, my drive from Cairns to Townsville was perfect for my weekend getway and relaxation. Arriving in Townsville around midday, I settled for a fish and chips break on the Strand, right on the waterfront before checking at my hotel room.

Click on the link below on what to see and do in Townsville, which I have thoroughly enjoy it.


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