Thai hidden charm in Cairns

In2Thai Restaurant

Hidden away in the industrial area of Cairns is the In2Thai Restaurant. It is the authentic hidden gem of Thai Cuisine.

In2Thai restaurant located just outside the Cairns CBD, tucked away in the industrial part of Cairns is one of the best hidden gem in Cairns. Don’t be fooled by the building from the outside as it is quiet unassuming and small but once you step inside, you feel like your in Thailand and the food that comes out is incredibly delicious. I stumbled upon this restaurant by accident a year ago whilst driving past the area and absolutely loved the food. This little gem of Thai food is small, busy and popular.

Having visited many Asian countries, including Thailand, I have certainly tried my fair share of authentic Thai food. In2Thai restaurant offers authentic Thai food with the right flavours. Anyone who craves for a nice authentic Thai experience, you cannot go past In2Thai restaurant. It is definitely one of the best thai cusines in Cairns. The selection of food choices from the menu is endless and all seems authentic. No matter which dish you choose from the extensive menu, you will definitely experience Thai cusine at its best. Whether it is the choice of vegetables, the taste of the sambal or the flavours in the sauces, this food tastes exactly as it would in an eatery in Thailand. Went as a group with genuine friends and we shared several plates-all agreed on. From entree to main dishes were all mouth-watering flavours. It was best food ever.

When we dine in at this hidden gem thai restaurant, we thought we were in Thailand. The inside of this little charming restaurant is layed with thai wallpapers, thai style design plates, coasters and place-mats. All walls are decorated with Thai artefacts and of course, they have picture frames of Thai Prince on the walls.

The whole experience dining in this tiny thai restaurant was second to none. The quality of service and flavours of dishes brought smiles to our faces and all walked away has happy customers. Definitely, returning to this restaurant is high on our list. Anyone visiting this beautiful part of tropical paradise should dine out at this thai restaurant and you can’t leave Cairns without dining here. A little gem in Cairns, that is tucked away from the mass restaurants in the Cairns waterfront and CBD area is worth visiting.

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  1. Hello Kerry
    Thank you and comments are welcome.
    I can’t provide contact details but only can mention how I enjoy the place. My blog followers can obtain contact details or actual address through their website.


  2. I have lived in Cairns for years but since I have read your blog, I will definitely go there. It sounds very enticing. Thanks for the great write up.


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