Good Choice, Good Food, Good Company

O’ CHa CHa

One of hidden best Japanese restaurant in Cairns since 1993. The food served that will take you back to Japan, yet your right in the heart of Cairns city.

O’ChaCha restaurant located right in the heart of Cairns city is little know to many. Tucked away above an old building in the quiet end of the Lake street in Cairns is one of the best hidden Japanese restaurant. The front entrance may look quarky, cosy but delightful. Once we stepped inside, we could feel the real vibe of authentic Japanese atmosphere. The food that came out was incredibly tasty, delicious and didn’t disappoint us. Though this hidden Japanese restaurant was small but was very popular and actively busy.

Having tried so many Japanese foods in cafes and takeaways, this time I was craving for a nice authentic Japanese cuisine. Without searching for an authentic Japanese restaurant, a Japanese friend of mine recommended O’ChaCha as she reserved a table for us. Soon, we found oursleves at the entrance of the restaurant and were welcomed by friendly Japanese staff. The inside of the restaurant is decorated and furnished with typical Japanese style. Some seatings required removal of shoes or thongs and simply sit on the floor. I felt like I was in Japan once inside, yet I was right in the heart of Cairns city. This restaurant offers authentic Japanese food with authentic flavours and taste. Having tried this restaurant, it definitely filled the right-spot. The selection of food choices on the menu is endless and I was glad that Japanese friend had to explain everything which all sounded very appetizing. Without delay we all selected few different dishes to share and all seems authentic. This was definitely an experience that I want for a Japanese meal and it was the best. From entree to main dishes were all mouth-watering flavours. It was best Japanese food ever in Cairns.

From the moment we entered the restaurant to the moment we walked out, thhe whole experience dining in this tiny Japanese restaurant was second to none. The quality of service and flavours of dishes brought smiles to our faces and all walked away has happy customers. Definitely, returning to this restaurant is high on our list. Anyone visiting this beautiful part of tropical paradise should dine out at this Japanese restaurant and you can’t leave Cairns without dining here. A little gem in Cairns, that is tucked away from the mass restaurants in the Cairns waterfront and it is worth visiting this charming place.

With great great choice, great food and great company certainly made it a perfect evening dine out. We certainly all made sure to stuff ourselves with this authentic Japanese food before we left the restaurant. The food was certainly tasty, delicious and filling.

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