A Quiet Escape to Quiet Beach Town

Bramston Beach

A cute little beachside town located along the Cassowary Coast in Far North Queensland

Bramston Beach in Brief

Bramston Beach a small Queensland Rural Location within the local government area of Cairns, sits along the beautiful North Queensland coastline, an hour and half drive south of Cairns. This cute little beach town locality comprises two coastal plain areas each surrounded by small mountain ranges. The locality is bounded along the north-east by the Coral Sea and by the small mountain ranges.

Why Go?

Nothing is far better than going to a quiet town like Bramston Beach after 20 years of promising myself to re-visit this tiny town. Located just 66 kilometres south of Cairns, Bramston Beach offers privacy and seclusion and is only fifteen mintues drive to mid-size town of Babinda and twenty-five minutes drive to major township of Innisfail. What makes it so appealing was, it was a chance to get away from the crowds, switch off from technology and go having luck at throwing a line or just simply spending hours making sandcastles and collecting shells along the beach, reminiscing my childhood memories. The best part of the evening was going to be sitting around the campfire with friends over mashmallow and evening drinks as I witness the moon appearing.

Bramston Beach Town

Bramston Beach, just located 17 kilometres off the Bruce Highway along Bramston Beach Road is a small town with a population of under 200 people is a kind of place that people like to visit to get away and relax. As I went off the highway, I drove along the road among the picturesque sugar-cane fields and farmlands (grazing), the scenery changes to tropical rainforest as I approach near the beach. Just less than twenty minutes of driving, I arrived at this small residential and camping area located at the end of the road by the beach and there is no formed roads through the area, only tracks. With no surprises, this quiet little town has just only one general store, which sells baits, ice, milk, newspaper, drinks, ice-creams and hot food. Arriving just before ten in the morning, I had time for coffee with raisin toast at a small local cafe and the only cafe on the main street before settling in at the campsite and exploring more of this quiet little place.

The campground run by the Cairns council is located among shady trees and directly on the beach and surrounded by recreational parks makes it an ideal location to get away. It is a very popular spot and a favourite weekend getway for locals who love to camp. It is a bit of local’s kept secret.

With very little to do in Bramston Beach, most of the activities centre around the beach and my priority was to spend quite and relaxing time here. However, Bramston Beach is popular for its camping and fishing atmosphere and is a peaceful yet adventurous coastal village. This village recognised by the Queensland Government as one of the cleanest and most picturesque beaches on the eastern seaboard. The beach, which stretch along 8.5 kilometres of untouched coastline makes it one of the safe and ideal place to escape from the noise and pace of city life.

I found this place to be the best place to explore the many natural landmarks that dot the area. This thriving and quiet little town is the gateway to Wooroonooran National Park, The Eubenangee Swam National Park and Queensland’s highest mountain, Mount Bartle Frere and Bellenden Ker which are nearby. Here you can or get to experience some of the world’s oldest surviving rainforests. Walsh’s Pyramid, one of the highest freestanding natural pyramids in the world, Babinda Boulders, Josephine Falls and freshwater swimming holes which are all located nearby and within short drive.

This beachside village had provided me with a picturesque scenery with seclude and quiet escape where relaxation, beach walking and fishing are all part of the scene. There are various range of accommodations in Bramston but I choose to embrace nature and camped in Bramston’s only campground which is just metres away from the beachfront. I found myself doing plenty of things to do along the golden stretch of sand, swimming but there were plenty of other activities to enjoy, including fishing, hiking along the tracks and beach that goes for miles and miles away. However, always remember that this is a croc country and every step of the way was with caution and high alert.

While camping out here, no camping is complete without catching either a sunrise or a sunset and here I get to enjoy both. It was definitely worth it waking up to the sounding of the waves against the shores and rising early to catching glimpse of one of the beautiful Bramston Beach sunrises. I found that when away camping, the early mornings are just so peaceful and there is nothing more magical than sitting outside the campsite with a cup of tea while watching the sun come up on a brand new day. Sometimes, it is hard to express in words of what you experience and witness but it is something you need to discover for yourself, but I can assure you that they will always stay with you forever. This tiny village with friendly residents welcomed me with open arms and I left with bright outlook on the area. This makes a big difference on my travel experience. Travel Your Way!


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