Worth a Visit: Home to Far North’s Best Private Garden


Experience the naturally beautiful Garden in Tropical Far North Queensland.

There is always this collective sense of joy and relief when I am not at work. This means, I could finally hit the road again and escape to my favourite places or discover new destinations, where I didn’t have to worry about work pressures or other domestic issues. From backyards to beautiful vistas around Tropical Far North Queensland, Cairns has some of the best natural jewels in tropical north queensland. Cairns is tropical and boasts an idyllic location between the Great Barrier Reef and the lush rainforest and cloud-cloaked plateau of the Atherton Tablelands.

As a adventurous traveller, I planned to wander through one of the small, unique private gardens along the south-west of Cairns, which I accidently heard of the place through a group of garden enthusiastic travellers I met on the train. It is not an arduous drive, with just few kilometres drive south from Cairns, I found myself surrounded by stunning rainforest, beautiful rolling hills, lush farmlands and crystal clear Mulgrave River flowing along the side.

The Mulgrave Gardens, tucked away in lush tropical rainforest between Gillies and Mt Lamb Range is one of the hidden natural jewels that is little known to locals or tourists to the region. This private garden surrounded by cane farms and turf farm is located in Littel Mulgrave Road, about 30 minutes-drive south of Cairns. The Mulgrave Gardens operate as a private garden set amongst their massive privately-owned backyard that offers an enriching insight into the passion and driving force behind the garden. The gardens occupies part of 12 acres of privately-owned property consisting of parterre of tropical plants and exotic plants, flowers, shade gardens, and variety of edible tropical fruit trees such as avacado, mango, lychees and many more. The garden showcase the artistry of gardens of Asian and English garden and use both native and exotic varieties of tropicals plants. It is a peaceful, secluded place which enjoys cooling natural breezes and provides a truly unique outdoor venue.

As I step out into the two main entrance, I could see the Balinese flavour as the owner described it as a Balinese inspired garden with the form of an English garden. The more I explored the garden, surrounded with tropical fruit trees and tropical plants gave me a sense of tropical feel and plant palette. It is the gorgeous space packed with plants from all over tropical far north queensland, accompanied by tales of collecting adventures. I could see why this Mulgrave Garden is a place of tranquility and inspiration. The horticulture is one of the best in tropical Queensland. Of course, it helps that tropical Queensland has plenty of rain, but it’s more than that. There is a commitment to detail and elegance in the way property owners tend their lawns and garden beds. I noticed that the clever use of colour on some structures, gave me a “Asian” garden feel in some areas.

As I wander through this privately-owned garden, seeing the spectacular display of the tropical flora nestled at the base of Gillies Range mountain. Because of this, the setting is unforgettable, but then so are the tropical plants which are only unique to this region. This garden is home to an amazing, hundreds different species of plant. Some of these plants growing naturally in this botanical garden’s land mass. Some of these tropical plants occur nowhere else in the world and many of them are on display or seeing growing naturally within the garden. The landscape of sweeping views across verdant lawns is flanked by carefully crafted garden displays. But it’s the dramatic mountain backdrop that creates a garden like no other in far north queensland. This private garden is not only a beautiful place to visit, but a great place to reconnect with nature and to learn more about the importance of plants to life on earth.

This picturesque garden operate as a private-garden that is available for hire for functions such as weddings and more. However, it is worth a visit to this beauiful garden with prior arrangements.

A visit to this garden is quite refreshing and educative. With the increase of population in towns and cities, open spaces are becoming very rare. Gardens, grounds and lawns are the lungs of a modern city. I felt that I have spent a qualitative and delightful time in the lap of nature nearly for 3 and a half hours. When I entered the garden, I left behind the hustle and bustle of the city. The sound of the horns, the pollution, and all that rush of markets. I sure felt the need for some sanctuary from all the hustle and bustle of the city. I surely found the perfect spot.

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