ic Golina

Free Independent Traveller

Welcome and thank you for visiting my personal blog – akamau: Travel My Way. Enjoy! My name is i.c Golina. I was born and raised in Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea before moving down to Australia 30 years ago.

My travels:

I have been very fortunate that over the years, I have traveled to many exciting destinations around the globe and still wandering.

Some of these places I have visited brought me to some of the most unique and exotic destinations in the world and there are other destinations I have been to which I would say – Hell on Earth!. I would probably enjoy returning to any one or all of them. In each place, I had amazing experiences. It is true that life is indeed an adventure.

Why Blog?

I began my blog website in 2017 and the purpose is to share some of my travel experiences with those who love to travel and those just love to read genuine travel-stories. In sharing my travel experiences, it might be able to open others to be more open-minded, compassionate and live an adventurous lifestyle. This will open and broaden your mind to understand different cultures in the world that we live in.

My Passion

Apart from travelling, I profoundly have a very strong passion for homelessness and I believe that we live in a world of injustice. After doing an academic research on homelessness, it profoundly had a life-changing moment to me personally. I have been privileged and blessed in so many ways that I have lived a life so comfortable apart from what I have seen. I have come in contact with people face-to-face on casual conversations and hearing of their stories of struggle, survival and purpose. This has greatly opened up my mind and heart to the world.


Each of our journey is so personal and diverse, that I am sometimes amazed when our paths intertwine. So, let there be perpetual spring in our hearts, as we share with each other and wend our way together along this patchwork path we call LIFE. Poco a poco, we can make a difference.


Thai hidden charm in Cairns

In2Thai restaurant is a little thai gem in Cairns. It is one of the best dining place that gives you an authentic Thai flavours in Tropical Paradise. It is definitely worth it.

Year 2020 Review: From my Perspective

The year 2020 with Covid-19 pandemic is one of the year that shocked the world. It was unexpected, sudden and came along with Shut-down and Lock-down.


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