Papua New Guinean living in Cairns, Australia. Weekend getaway adventurer and Free-Independent-Traveler (FIT). Lover of unique and exotic travel experiences with a touch of luxury. I became a freelance blogger in 2017. Living in Cairns city, but I spend most of my time in my country side home in Atherton Tablelands when I am not at work. This blog is for my love of traveling and sharing all my favorite travel stories and tips with you, to help you make the most out of your own trips!

Things to do in Cairns: The Ultimate Cairns Bucket List

Every place or destination has ultimate bucketlist of things to do. You have to look and search hard enough to find it. Cairns is obvious exception.

A Quiet Escape to Quiet Beach Town

Bramston Beach, undeveloped, secluded and quiet is one of North Queenslands unknown and unpopulated beachside town. However, it still provides an outstanding scenery for all.

People with Smiles

Faces of people that I have captured unexpectedly. Some are impressive while others are unique and few are funny.

Capturing the Wildlife

The images of wildlife photographed as they inhabit in their natural environment. They impressively come in unique colours, styles and shapes.

Good Choice, Good Food, Good Company

Ochacha restaurant located in the quiet end of the street in the heart of Cairns city is one of the best authentic Japanese restaurant.

Sunrise Spectacular

Photographs of sunrise always sure to takes us to a bright new day.

The Ultimate Far North Road Trip to Cooktown

Cooktown, may not be the capital of sun, sea and surf destination but it is the hidden gem of Far North Queensland. It is an adventurers, caravaners and fishermen’s paradise.

Thai hidden charm in Cairns

In2Thai restaurant is a little thai gem in Cairns. It is one of the best dining place that gives you an authentic Thai flavours in Tropical Paradise. It is definitely worth it.

Year 2020 Review: From my Perspective

The year 2020 with Covid-19 pandemic is one of the year that shocked the world. It was unexpected, sudden and came along with Shut-down and Lock-down.

Undara’s Geological Phenomenon

Experience Undara Lava Tubes natural geological phenomenon. They are impressive and thrilling to explore this natural wonders.

Chillagoe’s Underground Wonder World

Along this trip to Outback Chillagoe, you’ll get see things from different perspective. Underground Chillagoe Caves are fascinating and impressive.

Peace and Tranquility in the City

Within short drive from Cairns city centre is the heart of Cairns lush tropical paradise. A tranquil environment to experience.

A City, Home to Natural Attractions

Cairns city, located in the heart of Great Barrier Reef is a tropical paradise. Many travelers come for short stay, end up staying for weeks.


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