Port Douglas: A small seaside town in Far North Queensland.



Port Douglas

A small beach side town that every visitor comes to indulge.

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A time to stop and drop in this busy town

Port Douglas in Brief

Port Douglas, a tiny beach side town sits on the sun-dream coastline of Far North Queensland is about 60 kilometres of scenic drive north of Cairns. It is the gateway to the World Heritage Listed reef and rainforest – The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. This small classy and lively beach side town is bordered by the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef on the east and the Daintree Rainforest on the west. These fantastic geographical features make it the idyllic attraction for tourists all over the world. 

Why Go?

This tiny, elegant beach side town long-loved as a popular holiday spot that sits on the door-step of the Great Barrier Reef is one of my favourite places in all of Far North Queensland. This town not only make it perfect attraction for visitors but also a perfect getaway for both locals and tourists to the region. It is a sprawling town with great style and charm. Like every other small coastal towns in Far North Queensland has breathtaking coastal walks, stylish accommodation options, award winning restaurants, world-class fine-dinning experiences, world heritage listed national parks and rainforest nearby and world class reef on its door-step. Whatever the thrill or pace, there is something for everyone. Time to unwind and relax. 

The beauty of Port Douglas is that you can have a relaxing weekend away from Cairns city and you chose what to do exactly, when you want to. Whether it is visiting the Great Barrier Reef, taking a scenic coastal walk, hiking the Mossman Gorge, just 10 minutes drive out of Port Douglas township, visiting the world-heritage listed Daintree Rainforest or do absolutely nothing at all.

There is so much more to the township than just breathtaking beaches and colourful nightlife. A great way to enjoy the tropical lifestyle – a touch of tropical paradise.

What to do?

Given the Port Dougla’s geology and natural beauty, it is a haven for outdoor & leisure activities. A great place for dining and wining lovers and you will be spoilt for choice. The township boast a long stretched 4 Mile beach, fishing, easy hiking trails, endless list of dining and wining restaurants and cafes, outdoor market and plenty of reef cruise boats for Great Barrier Reef trips. Here are some of my top ideas for fun activities to do all year-round in Port Douglas.

Cafe Culture

There is a thriving cafe appetite in Port Douglas, where delicious brews, great good and views to distract, are all part of this favourite culture. Watch the sun-rise with a quinoa breakfast bowl at Hi Tide beach cafe, relax for a waterfront lunch at the Marina, take a coastal cruise around the river and enjoy onboard brews with views.

Dining and Wining

When it comes to dining and wining in Port Douglas, the restaurants are full of surprises and it all begins right in the heart of the township. Most dining experiences offer outdoor alfresco restaurants, rose gardens, fine dining, under the stars or cruise on the river as you sip away with a glass of Chandon & Moet. The list of dining and wining from side-corner eateries to class and fine dining is endless but they do come at a price. There is more choice in this tiny tourist hub town.

Port Douglas Market

If you love markets, you’re in luck. There is a market, held each Sunday of the week. You will find eclectic arts, crafts and the freshest produce, so grab a basket and meet the locals. It is one of the highlights of the township and many tourists, locals and visitors from surrounding areas including day visitors from Cairns flock the market on weekly basis.

Port Douglas Lookout

Have a glimpse of the stunning view of township and coastline and beyond as you either drive or take a easy hike up to the top of the Port Douglas Lookout. this Lookout known by tourists is officially known as Flagstaff Hill. This lookout is jut a short drive from the main street of the township, a perfect place to view the spectacular Coral Sea and 4 Mile beach which is the main beach in Port Douglas that stretches for miles and miles.

The Reef Marina Wharf

Just a short 500 metres walk from the northern of the Port’s main street is the Reef Marina, where many reef cruise boats depart to the Great Barrier Reef. Take a stroll along the Marina. Inside the reef building will give you an idea how peaceful this place is. A quiet atmosphere but there are souvenir and boutique shops, variety of speciality shops, restaurants and local brewery. It is a great place to have a local beer or enjoy a tasty cocktail as you witness the sun goes down.

My Highlights

This area is home to many iconic buildings. Driving around in this area is possible if you have the time and want to see more of the area on your visit. To fully enjoy your stay in this area and to make the most of the region’s attractions, I’d recommend staying right in the main centre of the area. This way, you don’t have to fight the traffic from locals on their daily commute and you get to sample the beautiful countryside. Unfortunately, this is where the true heart of the area shines.

For my recent stay in this area, I was based just outside of Cairns in a luxury hotel. Surrounded by palm trees and with plenty of space to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, it was the ideal introduction to the area and Cairns life.

Exploring the area

It is entirely possible to get around and visit many attractions and places in this area with the help of public transport. However, my recommendation would be to hire a car or do a self-drive tour and explore the area on your own time. Driving in this area is straightforward as long as you keep your wits about you and don’t mind the locals who drive much faster than wary tourists. When visiting new areas, be aware of no-drive zones and one-way streets. Sometimes, you will save yourself a few headaches when it comes to parking or driving around places to locate the area, it is best to go on a tour and get away with less stress.



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Bally Hooley

Just right next to the marina is a privately owned mini-train. This train operates on steam and diesel randomly. Take a leisurely short train ride that leaves from the marina to Crispin station, and enjoy a local coffee as you enjoy the views of the rive and the surrounding flora and fauna. It is one of the best easy-to-do activities that any visitor can do. It is a great way to explore more of this township and must do for any families visiting the area.

Train and River Cruise

To have a taste of a good time, jump on the Choo Choo explorer that departs the marina for a 1,5 hour river cruise through the mangroves. As you enjoy the cruise, look out for crocodiles and other local wildlife along the way. When you arrive back at the marina, you will hop onboard the historic Bally Hooley for a return train ride to the Marina Station.

Breakfast with the Birds

Just a short drive from the town centre is the Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat. This award-winning wildlife habitat provides visitors with a chance to experience the wetlands, rainforest, savannah and woodlands. It is also a place that you can indulge in your first mouth-watering meal of the day with an array of rainbow-coloured table-guests. You will find yourself surrounded by an exquisite aviary of Rainbow Lorikeets, multi-hued parrots and amazing cookatoos on this rare breakfast adventure. After your delicious meal, take a stroll on elevated walkways as I did. It was fantastic to see all the birdlife in just about as close to natural surroundings as you can get. 

Where to stay?

You’ll be surprised by whats on offer in Port Douglas. Ocean view penthouse, boutique B&Bs in the hinterland and tree-house retreats set in a rainforest, are just some of the indulgences. Settle into a cozy cabin with valley views or a sophisticated seaside pad with coastal views. With an ideal climate year round, a short break has never been so easy and close.

Exploring the area

It is entirely possible to get around and visit many attractions and places in this area. My recommendation would be to hire a car or do a self-drive tour and explore the area on your own time. Take a short ten minutes drive north of Port Douglas is the spectacular Mossman Gorge, which offers some great walking trails and fantastic swimming holes. To explore and discover further north, take a drive to Daintree village, Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation where the rainforest meets the reef. This is one of the most picturesque part of north Queensland with stunning views of the rainforest, reef and mountains leaving the outside world behind. It is all waiting for you with style and tropical sophistication.

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