Cruising the Trans-Pacific on “Radiance of the Seas”



Trans-pacific route

The best thing about cruising this route is, you get to visit many amazing islands along the way. Nothing is never the same.

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Trans-Pacific Cruise Route

Trans-Pacific cruise in brief

Cruising the Trans-Pacific route on Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner – Radiance of the Seas, offers the ultimate cruise experience. This cruise liner known for its light and airy ambiance, with floor-to-ceiling windows, a nine-storey central atrium, lifts facing the sea and vast expanses of wide, open space. You’ll never be short of a spectacular view aboard this ship.

The cruise offers an amazing mix of experience from visiting beautiful beaches, magnificent views to exquisite cuisine. You get to visit some of the most beautiful countries and exotic islands along the way on this incredible Radiance of the Seas. This vibrant cruise liner provides guests a collection of amenities with more than 15 restaurants and exciting day and nightly entertainments. What a perfect combination to discover paradise and cruise in luxurious style that will remain with you forever.

View of Radiance of the Seas cruise-liner
Radiance of the Seas cruise-liner

Why Go?

Feeling no stranger to cruising but this cruise was the longest I ever done. With the thought of visiting some of the beautiful and exotic islands in the world, was the easiest and friendliest way to see and experience these islands. These was definitely going to be my “holiday in paradise”. Taking time to cruise around these Islands has been on my priority-list for years and seeing the different islands were something exotic, enticing and filled with unexpected surprises that I was going to experience. I wanted to enjoy port stops in Picton and Wellington, where I wanted to experience Maori culture and Marlborough Sounds. Next was to visit French Polynesian Islands, where I would have the opportunity to visit some of the famous and exotic holiday destination in the world – Bora-Bora and Moorea. Then on to Hawaii, Honolulu where I wanted to embrace the spectacular canyons, cliffs and waterfalls. Finally, I would have the opportunity to see the famous Waikiki beach while I sit back with a refreshing beverage and taking photographs of amazing colours and incredible views that lies ahead.

Embarking on a world cruise stuffed with dreams and the reality was even better. Taking this cruise from Sydney, across the Tasman-sea, through Micronesia and the Americas still got shivers down my spine. It was going to be surreal for me that I was going on the cruise that was taking the high seas travel to another level. Dating back in time – traditional, world cruises were used exclusive domain of the wealthy. Today, it is accessible and affordable to suit all cruise travellers.

I board the cruise in Sydney, Australia which is the capital of New South Wales, Vast and populated with high-rise buildings and famous “Bondi” beach, it is a mega touristy destinations for millions of visitors that flood the city annually. As I finally, stepping inside the entrance of the cruise-ship, was more like entering into a sales shopping complex. The cruise crews have a point-of-sale bargaining power, with various departments from speciality restaurants, souvenirs to travel agents and more promoting and selling their products to entice the incoming passengers.

I settled in for an hour or so relaxing and observing everyone, while waiting for the announcement that all cabin-rooms were ready and available. It is normal that in most cruises, within thirty to sixty minutes or even more, it is chaotic as most of the passengers are rushing off in all directions. The hallways and lifts become over-crowded and rowdy as they try to figure out where to go. Having experienced that “mad-rush” in my past cruises, it was wise for me to sit and relax with a cup of tea while waiting for the mad-rush to cease. Finally, I made my way to my cabin and what a surprise it was – A big surprise that I didn’t saw it coming, a $100 voucher from my travel-agent.  

Voucher from my Travel Agent

After few minutes of making myself comfortable and familiar with the cabin, I ventured off to explore the ship further. Whenever, boarding a cruise-liner, it is wise to explore the ship randomly to make yourself familiar with few major areas includes: main dining and promenade areas, top deck, swimming pool area, main theatre and guest service centre, whilst the rest of the other areas can be known during the cruise. I made myself familiar with the ship quickly before we slowly depart Sydney cruise terminal as it began to get dark. What a thrill to be leaving at this time, as we saw the city lights began to appear in its glory and brighten the city, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It was just spectacular and magical to see the city lights by night from my private balcony. Sydney is undoubtedly one of the major mega cities in Australia. It has the highest number of Australia’s population living there and a very popular destination for millions of visitors worldwide. It is one of the “must-visit” city for visitors to Australia.

Harbour Bridge by Day
Sydney Harbour Bridge by Night
Opera House by Day
Opera House by Night

As we headed out into the open sea, venturing through Sydney’s famous heads, we cruised north along Australia’s east coast, navigating across the Tasman Sea for five nights on sea before reaching New Zealand waters to our first maiden call at Picton. This picturesque seaside town of Picton in the Marlborough Region of New Zealand’s South Island is the base for the service that links the main island of New Zealand and the heart of the Marlborough Sounds.

Picton Waterfront

From Picton, we headed to Wellington, capital of New Zealand. Wellington city, known as “Windy Wellington”. It is a compact city and compasses a waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, a working harbour and colourful timber houses on surrounding hills. 

View of Wellington city from Mt Victoria

After leaving Kiwi’s capital, we spent five nights on sea, crossing the International Dateline to reached the exotic island of Papeete, capital of Tahiti located in French Polynesian group of islands for two days. Tahiti enjoys an incredible tropical landscape mountains, including beautiful sandy beaches to relax on. What a thrilling place this is. Pristine waters and lagoons, haven for thousands of dolphins makes it a perfect open-sea aquarium. What a sight to see.

View of Papeete, Tahiti

From Papeete, we headed to Moorea, a tiny island, just few kilometres from the main island of Tahiti. Moorea, once a little sleepy island is now visited by many western tourists because of its pristine stunning scenery. With untouched wilderness and minimal tourism activity, makes it one of the hidden world to be explored.

Pristine Moorea

After a short over-night cruise on the sea, we reached our final group of Polynesian island destination of Bora-Bora. This tiny island located on the northwest of Tahiti is surrounded by sand-fringed motus (islets) and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef. It is a popular luxury resort destination where some guest bungalows are perched over the water on stilts., making it one of the most beautiful, expensive and exotic holiday destination in the world. Setting foot on this, I felt that I was in a different world. So calm, quiet and undisturbed.

Relaxing in Bora Bora waters

Leaving the waters of French Polynesia, we cruised the famed North Pacific Ocean route to Honolulu, Oahu, capital of Hawaii. This island city is part of U.S. state and is the 50th and most recent state to joined the United States of American in August 21, 1959. Hawaii, famed for its stunning and beautiful beaches certainly lives up to its standard. It is truly an incredible place to be, as you enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

Radiance of the Seas Onboard Experiences

Dinning and Bars

All cruise-liners have different layout and features which makes it more attractive for the passengers to enjoy as they make it their home for weeks and even months. I began to explore more of this ship. Aboard this cruise-liner, the Main Dining Room has a stunning two-level restaurant which has a sophisticated ambiance and features a grand staircase. Here you can choose between an early or late sitting for dinner, or elect to take up Royal Caribbean’s flexible “My Time Dining” option.

For breakfast and lunch, you can sit anywhere you like in the Main Dining Room. Other complimentary dining venues include the ever-popular Windjammer Cafe – a buffet-style restaurant that is open at many times during the day. The cruise-liner also offers variety of favourites too, such as the Italian trattoria Giovanni’s Table, Japanese restaurant Izumi, Samba Grill – Brazilian style and the Chef’s Table private dining experience, in which five delectable courses are matched with the finest international wines. 

In all cruises, bars are major attractions for passengers to mingle with other travellers. Aboard this ship, there are variety style of bars. Bars include the Quill & Compass, a traditional English-style pub; the Colony Club, with self-levelling pool tables; the intimate and classy Champagne Bar; the Schooner Bar and many more.

Main Dining Room
Chef’s Table private dining


Like all mega cruises, there is no shortage of things to do aboard the Radiance of the Seas and there is something to do for everyone. If you’re up for some high adventure, the rock-climbing wall beckons. If golf is more your kind of sport, mini-golf course is there for when you feel like a game. For those who love shopping, fancy browsing through the latest fashion, jewellery, accessories or beauty products by premium designer brands. You can get your retail fix at the Royal Shops. If you want to cosy up with a good book, the quiet library has the feel of a classic English study. Whether you like action or your favourite activity is reclining on a deck chair by the pool, there is plenty to keep enthralled onboard.

Fitness and Well-Being

Once onboard the cruise, it is not all about food and drinks but you will find myriad ways to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit aboard this cruise-liner with Vitality Spa and Fitness. Located on Deck 11, the Vitality Fitness Centre features the very latest exercise equipment as well as a variety of fitness classes including yoga and Tai Chi. For well-being of a different kind, you can go to Vitality on Deck 11 where you can treat yourself to a choice of over 100 treatments including massages, wraps, facials and hair and nail treatments. For walking and jogging, there is a track that loops around the sports deck if you feel like taking in the fresh air, and is divided in half so that runners and walkers can exercise at their own pace.

Shows and Nightlife

Aboard the cruise, there is endless list of shows and nightlife just get better as the cruise goes on. Yes, you have the choice of: Movies by the pool? Blackjack in the Casino Royale? Dinner and a show? There is plenty of evening entertainment aboard the cruise, all designed to help you have the most incredible holiday. In the ritzy Casino Royale, live out the dream of a Monte Carlo lifestyle as you sip champagne and play the game of chance on any one of the slot machines and tables. If Broadway-style shows are your thing, settle into the three-storey Main Theatre and prepare to be wowed by world-class entertainers. Outdoors, the huge poolside movie screen shows new releases day and night.

With the endless list fun activities from live shows and music to comedies and fun games will never get you bored once onboard. It is the cruising way of life on sea. From what you see and experience is the whole package of wonderful memories you will take home. The finally outdoor party on the top deck certainly will send you away packing with amazing cruise experience. What a fun, what a thrill it is and what a way to end your cruise. 

Party Time on board

Offshore attraction

While on cruise, the offshore attractions are endless on every island destination visited. As cruise-liners are aware of every islands major attractions, they offer variety of official excursions on what there to see and do in every port visited. To gain a better experience of each port of call, the best option is to do both official and non-official guided tours. This means that it can be cheaper and do things in your own phase.



Papua New Guinean living in Cairns, Australia. Weekend getaway adventurer and Free-Independent-Traveller (FIT). Lover of unique and exotic travel experiences with a touch of luxury. Follow me to my travel world, brining you closer to your destination.

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